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Tuholski Litigation Consulting LLC


Mock Trials / Focus Groups

Mock Trials / Focus GroupsSimply put, there is no better way to understand the thematic impact and value of your case than through the use of a properly conducted Mock Trial or Focus Group. Tuholski Litigation Consulting works to ensure that the case presented to mock jurors is the case that will best answer pressing questions regarding evidence, arguments and case value. Following a research project, we scrutinize both qualitative and quantitative at the highest levels so that our clients are best prepared for their next steps, whether that is trial or settlement/mediation.


Witness Training

Perhaps the single most determining factor of your success at trial is the performance of your witnesses. A witnesses’ non-verbal cues, both obvious and subtle, are often analyzed by jurors during deliberations, and these cues go a long way towards a jury’s determination of witness credibility. We strive to teach your witness how to communicate effectively, at the jury level, through both didactic and practical application.

Jury Selection

Rather than relying on hunches and gut feelings, we rely on years of empirical data to predict juror bias and develop the appropriate de-selection strategy for your case, assuring you that the jury that hears your case is optimally selected to hear your case and ultimately find in your favor.

Venue Studies

Whether you are interested in assessing potential bias in venue for the sake of framing your case and/or jury selection (Community Attitude Survey) or for the sake of trying to remove the case to a different venue (Change of Venue Study), we are able to design, implement, analyze and develop a report that will meet your needs.

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