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Tuholski Litigation Consulting LLCTuholski Litigation Consulting is a national trial consulting firm based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Our guiding principle is that the outcome of your case is ultimately determined by jurors, not consultants or attorneys.  As such, our goal is to fully understand your case from the perspective of prospective jurors.  In doing so, we focus on several key elements, including:

What are the most and least effective themes in your case?

What can we do better to help jurors understand your client’s narrative?

How will your witnesses perform on the witness stand?

What would jurors consider to be a fair settlement value for your case?

Steve Tuholski, Ph.D. has been answering these questions for clients since 2003.Steve brings a unique perspective to the litigation consulting field, based on his training and experience as a Cognitive Psychologist with expertise in the areas of memory, attention and quantitative and qualitative data analysis.  Steve’s approach is to understand empirically what the most effective strategy is for your case and how best to deliver that strategy.

Whether your case has a potential exposure of hundreds of millions of dollars or under a million dollars, Tuholski Litigation Consulting can deliver value-based services that will increase your chances of success at trial and settlement. Whether you need a few hours of consulting time, witness preparation, assistance with jury selection, or a series of Mock Trials, Tuholski Litigation Consulting looks forward to working with you and to delivering the best value in the trial consulting business.

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